Tailor-made CRM solution for all the industries that need a professional customer handling tool with full sales, marketing and support of customers plus reporting.

CRM solutions

Tailor-made CRM solution suitable for all industries in need of a professional customer-handling tool that completely covers the sales, marketing and customer support processes, reinforced by an insightful reporting engine.

We are providing you with CRM customization, implementation, and consultancy services which will help you acquire new customers, enhance their experience and retain them. The whole solution is made out of modules that are combined together offering transparency in information and all the necessary facts and figures at hand.

The Customer Relationship Management software is fully customizable to the work processes and the value chain you have, so we can adapt the solution according to your needs.

Don't change your business processes to fit the software solution, change your software solution.


  • Sales Force Automation

    SFA drives sales performance by allowing sales representative to track and share contacts and opportunities, this feature includes: Opportunity Management, Contact Management, Account Management, Forecasting, Quote and Contract Management, Plug-Ins for Microsoft Office, Mobile solutions, Dashboards.

  • Customer support

    Case Management, Inbound Email, Knowledge base, Bug tracking, Customer Self-Service Portal.

  • Customer profiles

    Collaboration, Email client, Project management, MS office plug-in, Mobile solutions, Activity management.

  • Marketing

    Multi-Channel Campaigns, Campaign Wizard, Email Marketing, Web-to-Lead Forms, Lead management, Marketing Analytics.

  • Reporting

    Dashboards, Marketing analytics, Sales trends, Cash reports.

  • Industry custom modules

    So far, we have developed custom modules for the Telecom industry.


  • Substitute all your existing tools with one
  • Automate your business sale processes
  • Unite all your marketing activities in one central point
  • Easy integration with you existing systems
  • Reduce your operating expenses
  • Access all your information from single application, anytime, anywhere

...and more

  • Custom workflows
  • Custom dashboard
  • Enhanced reporting capability
  • Lead-to-customer conversion (avoid data redundancy)
  • Campaign design, creation, and execution
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Easy cross sell/up sell possibilities
  • Modular solution - custom module development