Offering off-shore, near-shore and onshore resources in client projects for cutting costs and increasing agility in projects.

Dedicated software team

ITgma will help you to achieve flexibility and agility in meeting your demands for talent in various technologies at different seniority level. We will provide a dedicated team which is ideal for extension of the capacity for development of new software, maintenance and upgrade of an existing one, to reduce time-to-market and minimize the effort for maintenance.

ITgma has wide expertise coverage in various technologies, programming languages, platforms, protocols and applications. With the proven methodology and access to a talent pool by close cooperation with the technical universities, ITgma becomes a firm support for of your successful growth.

Benefits for our clients:
  • Complete development management of outsourced work with minimal effort needed to maintain the relationship
  • Predictable and dependable delivery dates
  • High quality of delivered software
  • Good technical documentation covering all aspects of the product
  • Structured way of releasing new upgrades and versions
  • Significant degree of automated testing allow quick TTM
  • Scalable capacity, both in terms of resource numbers and technology stack
  • Security of the confidential information

For more information about Dedicate software team please write to or call our local sales representative.