ITgma's SMS Channels is a custom made solution for the Telecom industry for sending bulk SMS.

ITgma's SMS Channels

A Bulk SMS solution for the Telecom industry

ITgma's SMS Channels is a custom made solution for the Telecom industry where the users have easy management of the bulk SMS sending, can use the bulk SMS option for promotional services, marketing campaigns, surveys, questionnaires and notifications in general. Offers full reporting and administration for managing the whole solution.

It adds value to the company's customer communication and can be used as company's tool for offering basic and value added services to the customers.

Can be used by the Telecom companies, but at the same time it is a tool for any company that needs a Bulk SMS tool for direct marketing as part of company's marketing communication strategy.

SMS Channels



  • Send one message to multiple recipients.
  • Send personalized messages to specific recipients.
  • Interactive SMS users can receive and send SMS back.
  • Enable "Silent hours" for not sending messages.
  • Scheduled SMS sending.
  • Generating Test messages.
  • Inbox and Outbox functionality.
  • SMS dialog - for surveys, support and research.
  • Administration of the solution.
  • Reports for monitoring the sent SMS total number, their status, recipients etc.
  • Communicate a message with your audience with direct targeting
  • SMS chat enabled - can use the solution for research purposes: surveys and questionnaires
  • Powerful reporting available for the users and the admin
  • Use predefined message templates for faster message sending
  • Option for sending SMS upon agreement - opting in